A Quilt for Koala

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I have a friend from college that I lovingly call Koala. It’s not because that’s her name, she climbs trees, or that she smells like eucalyptus. In college, professors could never get her name right (Kayla), so I decided to call her Koala around all of them to further the confusion. Anyhow, she recently emailed me and asked me to make a quilt for her, and she gave me full reign to do anything I wanted.

It was probably a bit of a risk for her to take, because she knows I love to tease, and I’m always game for a good prank. After she has sent me Christmas cards addressed to “Amy’s rampant alcoholism”, poked me repeatedly on Facebook, and never failed to send me something offensive on my birthday, I may have considered making it in the shape of something that you wouldn’t want to cover your grandma up with. Or, I may have thought about creating a photographic mosaic of a peanut butter sandwich, since she still gives me crap about cutting the crust off for her when she was snowed in at our house in Indianapolis.

But for some reason I decided to play nice. It’s half because I love her, and half because I’m fairly certain she would get me back in ways I don’t even want to think about. I headed down to Bolt to have April help me pick out some loveliness, and spent the next few weeks slowly cutting it up between other projects.

It did take me a while to decide on a pattern, but after seeing the Kitchen Window Quilt class quilts, I knew that’s what I wanted to make. Elizabeth was so sweet and gave me a copy of her beautiful book, so I finally have my sashing pieces cut and ready to go!

I have a to finish a few other projects before I can start piecing these blocks together, but it just about KILLS ME to see this fabric staring at me like this!

  • You are so insanely talented! I absolutely love the fabric choices. Can’t wait to see the final product.

    • Maybe a quilt for the Stadick family will be next? Or maybe you can only have it once you move here? 😉

  • Nice patterns and pretty fabrics–I am excited to see that finished quilt!

    • I’m SOOO excited to get to work on it- I’ll be sure to post more pictures as it comes together!

  • Aunt Linda

    Looks like another beautiful creation in the works!

  • KOALA!!

    I LOVE THIS. I am so excited for the finished product. So I’m assuming the yellow strips are for the outlines of the “window” patterns? What color is the background going to be? I am in love with all of the patterns and colors. Which is surprising, considering your rampant alcoholism ;). Seriously though, this put a huge smile on my face after a really bad week, and I am so excited to see the finished product.


    PS: Russ says he can’t wait to snuggle under this with me, a jumbo box of Hostess Swiss Cake Rolls, and a bottle of Beam, and watch reruns of Dick van Dyke.

    • Good! I’m SO SO glad you like the fabrics, and yes, the yellow will be for the “window” sashings. I’m not going to tell you the background fabric, you just have to wait. 😉

  • Susan Owens

    Hi Amy,
    Looks like you continue to amaze. “Koala” shared your info with me. I love your website. Still as talented as ever. I keep my personally signed photo of “Mike R” on the bulletin board in my office. It never fails to make me smile. Take Care, Susan

    • Susan! I’ve been thinking about you quite a bit lately- so lovely to hear from you! I’m glad to hear you and Mike are doing well. 😉

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