A Short Trip

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My Mom, Dad, and younger brother, Joel, came to Portland last week to visit. We ate more food than I want to think about, caught my Mom up on the new episodes of Mad Men, and spent a lot of time just cruising around Portland, ducking into record shops. We also spent a few days in Bend, Oregon. None of us had been before, and I found a fantastic little ranch for us to stay at, complete with horses and chickens.

On the way to Bend, we stopped at a viewpoint. I believe it was called PG Ogden State Viewpoint, but don’t hold me to that. See the teeeeeeny-tiny little guys in orange vests on the left? Yes, being on this huge bridge made me a bit nervous.

 Once we got to the ranch and settled in for the evening, Rob ran up the driveway and caught a few pictures of our neighbors.

HA! Get it? Neigh-bors?

That was terrible, I admit it.

Our next full day was spent hiking around Smith Rock State Park. I can’t even tell you how awesome it was. In fact, here are lots of pictures, because I think this beauty is hard to describe.

This climber made me really nervous. We all stopped and watched her, holding our breath that she wouldn’t slip!

Have you been on any great trips in the PNW? If so, what’s your favorite place? I’m already trying to plan out our next adventure!

  • Love these!! Can’t wait to hear all about the trip. That rock climber makes me REALLY nervous!!!!! 🙂

    • I knew that climber would make you nervous! I’m find with watching people boulder, but climbing up a sheer wall of rock that I picture crumbling at any minute? NO THANK YOU.

  • Oh goodness, that looks like such a fun visit! We’re always looking for more fun things to do in Portland. If you’re ever up around the Puget Sound area (aka seattle), Fort Casey is amazing, it’s on Whidbey island. One of my fave Seattle bloggers, Megan, wrote about their weekend trip up that way: http://www.notmartha.org/archives/2011/02/09/weekend-on-guemes-island/ . We stayed at the Guemes Island resort (it’s dog friendly, which is a huge plus) and then drove down to spend the day at Ft. Casey and it was beyond wonderful.

    • It was very fun, although about a 3-hour drive from Portland. I read about Not Martha’s Fort Casey visit- it’s on my list of places to go sometime soon! Her Guemes Island pictures killed me, and I’m really hoping we can make a trip up there late summer/early fall. I’ll be looking to you, Rebecca, for the next time we’re planning a Seattle trip! 🙂

  • beautiful photos! we LOVE the pnw (; favorite little town, roslyn washington .. if you have a chance to go… it’s about an hour over the mtns from seattle xo, t.

    • Thanks, Tiffany! We love the PNW too. Visiting Bend was nice, but I sure missed all of the greenery of Portland! I will definitely google Roslyn, WA. Are you anywhere near there or Seattle?