Pendleton Love and a Giveaway

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Cape2One of my favorite things to do with Emmerich is to go for walks. I wrap him up in a Moby and we go the park by our house where he can look at all of the trees and slowly be lulled to sleep by the motion of my walking. I get some exercise, he gets a nap, and we both get fresh air. I don’t have to worry about him getting cold either, thanks to one of my favorite things I own, my Pendleton wool cape.

Cape1No, I didn’t make this cape. I was lucky enough to go to a sale at the Pendleton headquarters in town and purchase it for a steal. It is so fun to wear, whether or not you’re concealing a little snug baby inside! Do you ever get cold on an airplane? Get. A. Cape. I love it when I’m flying. It’s a thick wool blanket that keeps me nice and toasty!

There is a lovely pattern for making a cape in the book Hand-Stitched Home by Susan Beal. Not only is there a cape, but there are quilts, pillows, an ottoman, and a project by me- plant hangers!


When Susan asked me about contributing a project to her book, I knew I wanted to make something completely different than what you’d usually find in a home-goods sewing book. I wanted it to be easy too, because I usually only design or make things that are complicated. How did a plant hanger pop into my head? I honestly have no idea, but they turned out to be fun and easy to make, so I was happy.


PendletonPlant2This book has projects like bags, pillows, scarves, quilts, a belt, and of course that great cape I mentioned.

PendletonCapeSusan was kind and gave me an extra copy of the book, which I’d like to give to one of you! You can enter to win it by leaving me a comment with something you would like to sew out of wool, and the winner will be chosen at random. Be sure to add your comment with your correct email address where I can reach you, to let you know if you’ve won!

This giveaway is open to US residents only. Comments are open until March 4th, 2015. The winner will be notified by email.

A Portland Winter Quilt

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Before Emmerich was born, I had a completely different color palette in mind for a baby quilt. It was a combination of pastels with pinks, yellows, grays, and some light greens and blues, reminiscent of a Portland Spring. I got the fabric, set it out, and then never got around to making it. Something never felt right about the colors for some reason. I don’t know if it’s because I wasn’t happy with tones I chose, or if my body was secretly telling my brain, “It’s going to be a boy, so don’t bother with the pink, dear.”

I have been dying to sew though. It would be amazing to have whole days dedicated to sewing like I used to have! Instead, they are dedicated to keeping a tiny human alive. I’m not complaining, really! It’s just hard. Em only naps for 30 minutes at a time, so getting anything done is impossible. In fact, some naps are only 15 minutes long, and trust me, we’re trying every trick under the sun. Until he learns to sleep better during the day, my sewing time does not exist. It doesn’t mean that I don’t bring him into my studio and show him all the fabric though. He seems to really like staring at all of the colors on my shelves, and occasionally tries to eat a piece of quilting cotton if I let him touch it.

I was surprised when I began digging around in my stash during a rare longer nap time to find all of these fabrics in there. I don’t think I’ll buy any more yardage, except for a large piece for the back of the quilt.


I saw a pretty common theme in the prints I grabbed. They really looked like Portland to me, with the bridges (of course that’s a print by Portlander Violet Craft), whales, bikes, gingham, tree rounds and animal faces.

EmQuiltPrintsNow comes the task of trying to think of what kinds of blocks to make. It’s got to be something that can be pieced very quickly! I’m thinking I’d cut a bunch of strips, but then what? A log cabin block? My sleep deprived brain can’t think of anything else. What would you make?

Um… and because I can’t help myself, here’s my favorite little guy, who was practicing sitting up and yelling at Rob when I took this (it was hilarious):


The New Sewing Space

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I haven’t been able to spend much time in my new sewing space, but I took some photos of it so I could share it with you before the baby was born. I didn’t get around to it before Emmerich’s arrival, but it hasn’t changed any from these photos! That happens when a new little person comes into your life. Hopefully someday soon he’ll decide that nap time is awesome, and then I’ll get to sneak in some sewing time. Notice I did not bother to list housework, laundry, or making grocery lists above sewing. I miss creating!


This is what you see when you walk into the room. This was originally supposed to be Rob’s office, buuuuuut, I swiped it! I have more crap than him anyways. This room does not have a closet or a ceiling light. I have a hanging light with a low switch for light (we’ll put in a fixture eventually), and I’ve downsized my fabric stash so that it can all fit in this room. Eventually I want to come up with some sort of thread storage for the wall above my sewing machines. I have an idea in my head that will keep it all organized and also keep it dust-free. We’ll see when that gets done (ha!).


This is how I’m storing all of my fabric and sewing notions. The built in bookcase has been great. I had doubts about being able to fit all of my stuff in this room, but I really wanted to get rid of the big Rubbermaid tubs I had some of my fabric sitting in. Because it was tucked away, I never saw it and I never remembered that I had it, and therefore never used it. The amount of fabric I’ve had sitting in those plastic tubs for the past 5 years was ridiculous.

Studio-6All of my garment fabric yardage is in the white (IKEA) cabinet. I love looking at it all organized and folded up! These green lidded containers hold my quilting fabrics and scrap yardage from past projects. The clear tubs hold patterns and I have one tub of things like elastic, snaps, boning, etc. The top shelf has in-progress projects that need to be completed.


Here’s my favorite, the garment fabric cabinet. I keep quilt batting, fusible interfacing and pressing tools in the cabinet drawers. And there’s my 40 week belly in the mirror! It’s so odd to see this now. How was I ever that huge?!


My little constant companion, Dax, followed me everywhere the last few weeks of my pregnancy. He doesn’t follow me as much right now, but he does love hanging out in this room. I put his bed in the corner since he prefers to sleep in here, and during the day he can often be found hanging out under my desk. I’m glad I chose to put FLOR tiles down in here instead of a large rug. They are bright and cheerful and hide his dog fur quite well! Plus, they are really easy to clean should anything be spilled in here.


My desk corner is quite boring right now. I really need some artwork and curtains in here (that photo is only hung that high because a picture hook was already there)! I’m sure the color will be added with time. Maybe a design wall somewhere, for quilt blocks? I’m not sure yet, but I’m keeping my options open.

Anybody need a good sewing space these days? I’d love to see mine get some use. The only thing you have to do is bring me dinner and hold a baby while I take a nap!

A Little Surprise

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Hello, hello! I have missed being here, missed being in my studio and missed seeing everyone’s lovely projects online. It has certainly been a whirlwind past few weeks. As you might have guessed, I had my baby! There’s a bit of a twist to this story though…


I was about 3 days overdue and soooo over being huge and pregnant. Rob and I went hiking and I saw my chiropractor to see if we could jump start labor. It worked! It wasn’t exactly smooth sailing though. There were some hiccups with the baby’s birth, but after 41 hours of labor (including 4 hours of pushing!), our beautiful baby was born. However, there was an unexpected twist…

It was a BOY!

Em3Everyone in the room was shocked. They all knew we were expecting a little girl, and I don’t think I’ve ever been at such a loss for words. There’s a pretty great photo from his birth that shows the expression on my face when Rob gasped, shook his head, and announced, “It’s a… boy?!” Not that the photo will EVER see the light of day on the internet, mind you. But it’s hilarious, trust me.


The great part? He’s amazing and the best surprise we ever could have hoped for. I can’t even imagine having a girl now. It was alway supposed to be him, our sweet Emmerich Nicholas. He weighed in at 8 lbs 10.4 oz, and was 22.5″ long. He’s not a tiny baby! He’s grown since his birth on November 11th, and is getting an extra chin and some lovely squishy baby rolls on his thighs.

Em1I have to tell you, he loves his Baby Nest!  It’s really fun to see him using something I made him, since I really didn’t get around to making many other baby items. The little sweater I was knitting? Well, it’s done except for 1″ on the second sleeve, but who knows when I’ll have time to even look at that project again, or if switching around the buttons will make it look more boy-ish.

Em4I’m pretty glad that I didn’t end up making any quilts or baby clothes with the fabrics I’d picked out. It’s almost like my brain knew that my baby wouldn’t really be into a tiny Liberty of London romper or a quilt made with pinks and yellows. I have to rethink everything sitting on my “to be sewn” shelf! I look forward to it though, and making a whole host of cute little boy things!

Also, can I just say how excited I am that I can FINALLY make and wear the Grainline Alder and Linden patterns? YEEESSSSS!


Sewing Hopes vs. Sewing Realities

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I can’t believe how much I’ve actually gotten done these past three weeks! It’s been a whirlwind around here, for sure. I bet you’re wondering, but no, Baby Girl has not yet made her appearance. I’m not due until this weekend, so fingers crossed she is on time! I’ve been busily scurrying around making food plans, unpacking the rest of the house and I even managed to (somehow) get some sewing done.


I’m so pleased with how her mobile turned out! I mentioned I had it cut out in my last post, but I was a little bit nervous that it wasn’t really going to get done. After spending about three evenings on the couch with a needle and thread, and patiently painting a wooden embroidery hoop with a few coats of white paint, it was finished. It turned out just how I had hoped. And best of all, it was free (besides the spinning music box, which I bought on Etsy for $10). My friend Erica gave me all of the felt and sequins from her stash that I needed to make it.

Of course, when I first started stitching, I wanted it done FAST and I was using a whip stitch on the felt. Umm… no, that was hideous. It look like a 5 year old’s first project. For some reason, I don’t like doing the blanket stitch. It’s always what looks best on felt, but for some reason I thought I could get away with something faster. Don’t be like me, or you’ll have to start over.


The original inspiration mobile can be found here, at Milbot and Chooky. I would have loved to have purchased it from the maker, but it was out of my budget, plus I really wanted to make it myself. I added a few things to this mobile, like tiny clear and silver beads to the clouds. There is also a coordinating color sequin on the very bottom of each raindrop, to hopefully catch a little bit of light when it spins.

Cloud-Mobile-Rainbow-RaindropsOther things I’ve been making? Well, another Swedish Baby Nest! This one is a gift, that has been shipped to its new home.

Swedish-Baby-Nest-FinalJennie, my friend who originally sent me the pattern, had a lot of requests to make a PDF pattern available. I gave her my thoughts on the pattern, and she worked very hard to make and release it recently. You can find it in her Etsy shop, Jagged Rose. She also will be hosting a sew-along on her blog very soon, so if you have babies that need a cuddly place to sleep, pop on over to tell her hello!


I am really pleased with my second baby nest. It turns out that on my first one, I had put on the bias tape incorrectly, which is why it was so hard for me to feed my drawstring into the casing. Following the directions helps a lot! I still chose to quilt the bottom mattress with a grid of squares, and I made the sides more squishy by adding extra fiberfill to the rolled-up batting that you put in the bumper edge. I can’t wait to see my friend’s baby all wrapped up and sleeping soundly in this! I described the nest to my Grandma, and she said, “That sounds lovely. Please make one for me in an adult version.” It’s tempting to do, for sure.

Swedish-Baby-Nest-QuiltedWhile finishing unpacking the rest of my studio, I came across a few patterns that I had every intention of making during my pregnancy, and just never got to. I thought that I would make this really awesome maternity wardrobe, that I would have completed some nursing tops by the time I was 9 months along, and of course I’d get that tote bag done that I wanted to use as a purse/diaper bag.


HA. It didn’t happen. I even bought fabric for that Victory Pattern’s Chloe dress, and I ordered this super-fancy French maternity dress pattern online from Deuxieme Arrondissement. I had visions of making it out of a lovely drapey wool, or a soft chambray. Then we moved, I was exhausted, and I thought, “Why would I use up my energy and fabric stash to sew maternity clothes that I’ll only get to wear for a few weeks?” The dress is still really tempting because it looks super easy to make, but I also would love to save the fabric to make a Grainline Alder with sleeves. I tell you, Jen’s patterns have been driving me nuts. I just want to make and wear them, but this giant belly is kind of getting in the way of those plans.

Maybe I’ll get to the Super Tote soon, but I’m not holding my breath. The reality is that I’m about to have a very tiny person to answer to, who I kind of doubt cares about my sewing time. I’ll take it though. Sniff a sweet newborn head or spend an evening tracing out a pattern? That’s no contest in my book!