Brighten Up

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I’m trying to battle Portland’s gray days with happy thoughts of making a few new Spring pieces to add to my wardrobe. It needs a serious overhaul to get me away from jeans, long-sleeve t-shirts and hooded sweatshirts. It’s so hard for me to break out of these things, these comfortable and worn pieces. They’re so boring, and I should probably be banned from buying any more of them.

So I’m stepping things up and forcing myself to make things for me. When sewing becomes your job, it’s hard to keep sewing in your free time. Lately I’ve been knitting, but my peach cardigan from my last post… well… it didn’t quite turn out how I wanted (more on that frustration later). So this polka-dotted fabric and little striped square buttons? It’s going to be something cute, springy, and hopefully give me a push to use my sewing skills for my own good!

  • Good for you! I support your decision! Have you tried any of Colette’s patterns? Her dresses make me swoon, though I’ve not sewn anything of hers yet.

    • Hi, Rebecca, and thanks! 🙂 Yes, I have sewn Colette Patterns- they are fantastic! My only problem is that I feel guilty when I use commercial patterns (like a cheater). I usually end up adjusting and changing them so much that it would have been easier to just start off with my slopers in the first place! Hopefully I’ll just get over it!