Cut, Pieced, and Ironed

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In between getting emotional about Portland, writing class proposals and taking the dog for rainy walks, I’ve been slowly putting together Koala’s quilt. You can read the history of Koala here, and see some of the fabric selections before they were cut into pieces and jumbled up on my sewing table. I spent last Friday at a Modern Domestic Sewcial, where I could stitch and drink with the lovely ladies of the Portland Modern Quilt Guild, and I got quite a bit done on the blocks I needed.

This weekend, I moved some living room furniture and figured out the block placement while half-watching historical dramas on Netflix. I love them, and when given the chance to pick something out, Rob pretty much knows what I’m going for. I think he only puts up with it because he knows I’ll share what’s left of my precious Girl Scout cookies if he doesn’t make a face when I start playing one.

However, since Rob was gone for the evening, my only helper for laying out the blocks was Dax, who curiously watched me mumble to myself from the couch. He wasn’t much help, but I knew he’d at least pull a Lassie for me if I fell off the step stool I was using so I could see the entire quilt at once and take pictures of it with my iPhone.

I find that taking pictures of a quilt as I lay it out lets me see any potential problems with color distribution. The main problem with laying it on the floor instead of on a design wall is that Duncan decides that when I’m on a ladder is a great time to skid across the floor, destroy whatever I have laid out, and run away as fast as he can. I’ve considered changing his name to You Little Shit, but it hasn’t stuck. Yet.

I did try something different on this quilt that I’m not sure I’ll do in the future. I’ve always been one to press my seam allowances over to one side while quilting, and for this quilt I did half of the blocks that way, and I pressed the rest of the block seams open. I don’t think I’ll be pressing them open anymore, because I found that the blocks were more likely to become stretched out and distorted from this. Everything is fine after a bit of steaming, but overall I personally think I’ll stick with pressing to one side.

And TAH-DAH! This quilt is rather HUGE. It’s going to end up being about 84″ x 84″, and maybe a little bigger once I get the border on it. The original quilt only calls for 12 blocks, but I made 25 so Koala could use it on her bed. There was only one way for me to get a picture of this monster, and that was to pin it to the ceiling, and then sit as far away as I could (on the porch), and I still couldn’t get the whole thing in the frame! New camera lens, please. And yes, the couch is in the way, but I wasn’t that determined for a clear shot. I’ll get Rob and his long arms to help me take a picture after it’s been quilted!

  • Koala

    holy CRAP. I am in love with you. I freaked out when you texted this to me last night, and I am still freaking out. I love it. Cannot wait to get it on my bed!!!

    • I’m going to have an awfully hard time letting this one go! Feel free to come here and wrestle me for it! 😉

  • Nikki Harris

    This is amazing! I’ve just started quilting myself. What an inspiration!

    • It’s quite addictive, Nikki! And good to hear from you! 🙂

  • Aunt Linda

    Another beauty – what a room-brightener!

    • I know- I love these bright colors against the gloomy Portland weather!

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