Mending Nylons

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Last weekend we went to a few antique shops outside of Portland with our friends Chris and Caitlin, when Caitlin spotted this little box. I asked the shop owner if I could see it, and I was so excited when I saw inside of it!

It contained beautifully illustrated nylon mending kits from the 1930′s, complete with silk thread and teeny tiny wooden spools.

My favorite kit is the one on the left, with the woman walking the dachshunds, and the one with the woman walking in the rain is also so cute! The backs of the kits have information to get ahold of the Real Silk reps, but I’m not exactly sure what Har. 1855 means.

The best part of all? Two of these are actually from Indianapolis!

I’m half-tempted to put on a pair of hose to see if the “Run-Arrestor” still works, but I think I’ll stick to letting my scary white legs be free.

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  • Robin Koos

    I’ll bet Har 1855 was the telephone number.

    • Amy Alan

      I agree, but I don’t know how phone numbers worked back then! Maybe I’ll ask my Grandma…