Quilted and Sent

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I finished this quilt and two 12″x12″ pillows, just in time for a sweet baby girl to be born. Well, alright, she beat me here. But none the less, she now has a quilt to match her older sister’s, which I think is adorable. I should have a picture around here of the first quilt I made for this cute family- it’s probably on my old blog.

There’s something I really like about making extra quilt blocks. I think it’s because I then have more choices for adjustments in the layout and color distribution, and the “extras” can be used for something like a pillow. If I’m going to use a quilt block like this though, I put batting and muslin behind it and give it a few quilt lines. Not because I want it to look quilted, but because it gives the pillow a much firmer surface.

If you recall, I have an inability to take a picture of the color orange. I tried, and kind of failed, but Photoshop helped me out a little bit.

I quilted this with white thread on the white areas, and orange thread on the orange sashing (obviously). I did a random loop free motion stitch on the colored blocks and on most of the white area. On the orange border, I made a vine pattern, using pointed figure-eights. If anyone wants a little diagram of how to do that, I’ll draw one up for you. It was a pretty relaxing stitch, and I like how it turned out.

You’ll notice that there are 6 white squares with no stitching in them. I was going to fill them with hand stitching, but something about it looked off, not right. I had to leave at least one of the squares with no stitching, because the couple who ordered the quilt asked that I embroider their new baby’s name onto it, as I had for their first daughter. I worked the piecing of the back of the quilt around these white squares, so that I wouldn’t quilt over the embroidery, therefore smashing it down.

It was nice to not quilt every single little piece of this project. I think it makes it much softer having the open spaces, with all of the stippling going on. Moving forward on other quilting projects, I’ll try something with simpler quilting. That’s a hard part for me. Make it easier? Nah. Add more details! More! MORE!