A Renfrew and a Remnant

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I was so happy with the pattern for my recent Minoru jacket, that I decided to buy another Sewaholic pattern, the Renfrew Top. I’ve seen quite a few of these around town, and it was the perfect fast project I needed. I tend to pick projects that take a lot of time, and this pattern only has a few pieces, making it quick and easy. Plus, I made the entire top on my serger, which of course I love!


Now I’m not usually one to do the “cut off my head” shots, but when I take photos early in the morning, whoa. I looked half-asleep, even though it was probably 10:30 AM. I am not a morning person, by any means, no matter how hard I try. I’ll also go ahead and admit that I’d worn this shirt the night before to teach a class in, hence the slight wrinkles. It’s so comfortable, I just couldn’t resist!


The fabric I picked up at Bolt. It’s a fairly soft jersey, and it doesn’t have a lot of drape to it. I didn’t want anything clingy, so I think I chose well.

There are a few adjustments I’ll be making before I whip up  my next Renfrew. I definitely need to do a full bust adjustment to get rid of the “dart” that shows up, and pick up the shoulder seam so my sleeve doesn’t drop. I’ll probably adjust the armscye and sleeve cap as well, so I don’t have extra fabric gathering under my arms. And the hip could use a bit more ease in back (sheesh). Personal adjustments never end with patterns!

After I finished this top, I was looking for another quick project to do. I’d had this particular one in mind for quite a while, and had Instagrammed a photo of its beginning (I’m @amyalan on there, by the way).

Screen Shot 2013-02-21 at 7.54.06 PM

I have a very patient dog…


… who just got his very own raincoat.


I used a large scrap from my Minoru jacket, and draped a pattern on Dax to make a coat for him to wear on our wet winter walks. I got reflective tape at Bolt and sewed it down the sides for safety. The coat is lined and attaches with Velcro on the side of his belly, around his neck, and on a flap that goes from his belly to his neck. I am now a crazy lady who walks a dog with a MATCHING COAT.


It’s all in the name of using up scraps, right?!


(I secretly love it.)

  • Debbie

    Love the top!

  • Awww, Dax the patient!

    • He is (especially when you have a handful of treats for him if he doesn’t move). 😉

  • Lessles

    I’ve been morphing a Simplicity pattern into a hoodie dress today and wanted to tell you how fantastic your class on Craftsy was. It really helped me get my head around all those loopers and I refer back to it quite a bit. My dress looks fab and I’ve even found the intestinal fortitude to use non stretch silk elements on the dress.
    Many thanks,

    • Thank you so much! I’m so glad it helped you to get to know your machine more. I want to see your dress now! 🙂

  • Dax’s new coat is A-Mazing! What a doll. From the photos it is obvious he feels awesome in it too.

    • He LOVES it. Have you ever seen him with his hiking backpack on? He’s so proud of his “job” of carrying things- it’s so funny!

  • Tamara Oster

    The top is wonderful, yep, a few alterations next go around, but it is cute and fun! I LOVE Dax’s coat – he is really stylin’ and heaven knows, he will have plenty of opportunity to wear it in Portland!

    • I really like the pattern, but yes, I need to make a few personal adjustments to it for my body. I kind of debated about taking the time to do it, since you make it up in a stretch fabric, but I know I’d be much happier if it fit me correctly. Thanks for the love on Dax’s jacket too. We look crazy as a matching couple… but that just makes us fit in with Portland even more! 😉

  • Victoria Callas

    Dax looks so proud when wearing his brand new coat 🙂 Love it! And nah, it’s not crazy at all, he’s just having the same taste as his master (I must say it’s a good one!);)

    • Haha! Thanks! He really does love it, which is pretty funny. If he knew we matched though, he might not be so keen on the idea of a walk in public. 😉

  • whitedragonstudios

    Dax looks adorable! Stars always loves his coats, so I’m sure Dax is very proud. Lovely job on your top too!

    • Aww- I want see Stars in his coats! Is there a picture of him online? I’ll let Dax know you approve of his coat, and thanks for the compliment on my top too! I really like it a lot.

  • Cute top & Dax is adorable is his coat 😀

  • NiCaam

    I am completely new to sewing and also own the renfrew pattern. What do you mean by full bust adjustment?

    • Hi there! A full bust adjustment is when you add both width at the bust and also a bit of length to the front of the pattern so that it fits a full bust better. It can eliminate drag lines and tightness along the bust line.

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