Hello! I’m Amy Alan and I live in Portland, Oregon, with my husband Rob, my son Emmerich, and our pets Dax and Duncan.

I got my start in sewing as a child (by making really ugly weird projects I’ll have to try to find), and moved on to graduating from college with a degree in fashion design. I worked on the cutting room floor of a show apparel company as a technical designer, and went into alterations and then finally teaching once we moved to Portland.

I teach sewing classes that mainly focus on developing skills, such as using machinery and patternmaking, but I do occasionally hold project classes as well. Fit and precision are important skills to me, and I love to show my students the why’s and how’s of garment construction. If you’d like to find more of my work, I have written articles for Sew News magazine, and also appeared on Sew It All TV and  It’s Sew Easy.

I’m always interested in hearing what someone else is working on, so if you have a sewing question, please don’t hesitate to ask!