Blocking Out Knitting and Time

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This has been a weird week. Nothing Earth shattering has happened around here, but yet I can’t seem to figure out where all of my time went. I did make a trip to Mill End, taught at Modern Domestic and took Dax to his therapy, but somewhere in there I’m pretty sure about 48 hours were stolen from me. I’m trying my best to use what’s left of this week to make-up for the last one, where hardly any sewing happened.

I thought I’d start out today by blocking my cardigan. THANK YOU so much for your kind comments on my last post. I’ve been convinced not to throw in the towel yet on this project. I’m hoping a little water and pinning will lead to some happier thoughts about my finished knitting projects!

On Friday I’m hoping to cut out one or more of these vintage patterns I found. Not cut out as in cut the pattern paper (some collectors might kill me), but as in trace out the size I need and cut out the fabric. I found these at St. John’s Vintage when my parents were in town, and they’ve been staring at me ever since (the patterns, not my parents). I’m so glad I found this shirt dress pattern, because I was about to waste a lot of time and muslin to make my own version of this exact same thing.

I really like this very simple dress, and it’s probably going to be the first one I make. All of these patterns are unused, and have the original factory folds. See how the pattern pieces aren’t printed on? Instead, the pattern pieces are labeled with drilled out holes, which I love.

Want to know a weird thing about me? I have to fold up patterns along the exact same lines they were originally folded on. Yes, it’s a pain. No, I won’t stop doing it.

Aahh- another highlight of using vintage. These are the instructions for this dress. One page, no frills, and I love it.

Hopefully in my next post I’ll have something more exciting (like a finished dress) to share!

  • Well, at least it’s only 48 hours and not a week. I swear I lose a week every month. And, seriously, you are so productive. I’m truly impressed! I wouldn’t have a clue what to do with a vintage pattern or, really, any pattern. I love to collect them, but then they collect dust…..xoxo

    • You have a little one to take care of and that uses up a lot of precious time, I’m sure! And me, productive? HA! You inspired my latest post, about how much I DON’T get done! 😉

      You collect vintage patterns? I would love to get a peek of them!