It is the First, But Not the Last

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I always find the very first blog post to be a bit… awkward. It’s kind of a like a blind date, except you might end up marrying the other person, which is what happened in my case. But, since I’m taken, you don’t have to worry about going to pick out a ring anytime soon. If you happened to add me to whatever blog stalking system you use though, well, then I’d be fine with you telling your mother we’re dating.

(Edit: Rob actually told me “that creeps me out” when he read the first part, so that’s what you need to know. I’m creepy.)

I’ll try to make this less weird, but there are no guarantees when I’m running on two cups of coffee and a handful of stale Easter Peeps.

Me: “I’m Amy and I like to sew.”

You: “Hi, Amy.”

There we go- much better! I don’t know that I’d hand you a key to my place yet, but I’ll at least make you a cake with peach schnapps. It’s ah-maz-ing.

My husband Rob and I moved to Portland from Indianapolis, Indiana about 2 ½ months ago. I feel a little bit bad about saying this, but it’s been WONDERFUL. Sure, I miss everyone back home—I think that goes without saying. But to be fair, Indiana doesn’t have anything like these hills and waterfalls, plus I love the people I work with, and to finally have a great place to take my pup to run is amazing.

Speaking of my pup, I’m sure you’ll get sick and tired of reading about my fur babies at some point, but for now let’s stick with “they’re cuter than a hedgehog riding a turtle.”

Besides cuteness, I hope to share my sewing tips and tricks here, and to give friends and family back home a place to catch up on how many times I get arrested. Yes, Mom, I’m kidding. Or at least I hope I am.