Different Kinds of Stitching

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Most nights for the past month or two you’d usually be able to find me sitting on the couch, shaking my head at knitting patterns, wondering how I was supposed to be able to memorize all of the abbreviations used on Ravelry. How would I ever know what they meeeaaann? But with a bit of patience and quite  a bit of practice since then, I’ve gotten pretty far on my projects. My sampler cowl that I talked about here, is finished, and I’ll try to get a non-iPhone photo of it soon.

I’ve been scouting out vintage needles around town too, since Michelle’s lovely collection at MD makes me sigh with envy. I did find a handful of them at one of my favorite (slightly weird) craft stores:

You can find me on Ravelry if you’d like- I’m pretty new there and don’t have much up yet. I hope to remedy that this weekend with a few pictures of the cardigan I’m working on.

The yarn is Berroco Peruvian Quick, as if I have any idea what that really means. It’s very pale-pink-peachy, and all I’m changing about the pattern is to make the body and sleeves a bit longer. I may not need the FOUR skeins I was told to buy for it, but I’ll find a use for my leftovers eventually.

It’s so perfectly squishy- just what I want in a little spring sweater!

The cardigan did get put on hold for a little while because of a movie I watched on Netflix. I always go for historical dramas on there, and it’s mainly to ogle the costumes. I never expect them to be any good, and they rarely are. Nothing matches up to my beloved Downton Abbey!

One movie got my mind whirring though. In War Bride, the main character wears, sews, and eventually sells the cutest little vintage slips. I just knew I had to break out some lace, satin and pearl buttons to make one of my own!

Now I’m off to work on my slip pattern and enjoy the weekend. After I move someone’s bed back into the sun so he stops crying, that is.

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  • Natalie Michelle Brown

    Hi! I’ve been scouring the Internet looking for a skein of the now-discontinued Berroco Peruvia Quick in the rose color you made that cute cardigan with. I just need about 1 skein to finish a sweater. Do you happen to have any left over? I’d pay you for it, and pay shipping of course!

    • Ahh! I JUST gave it away after taking apart this sweater! I will ask my friend if she would give up a skein of it, as I don’t think she had a project in mind for it.

      • Natalie Michelle Brown

        Really?? Wow! Thank you so much for asking her, Amy. It would be amazing if this works out!

        • She’s bringing it back over tomorrow night! Send me an email with your address!

          • Natalie Michelle Brown

            You’re so kind! Just emailed.