Dreams of Fall

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Don’t get me wrong, summer is great in Portland. It’s not too hot, it’s not humid, and basically every day is amazing. The gardens are overflowing with fresh tomatoes and basil and my front yard is bursting with dahlia blooms. Yet I’m not a huge fan of the summer. I want something colder. Days that make you pull on a sweatshirt and bake a pie. I want bonfires and football games and an excuse to drink hot chocolate whenever I can. Butternut squash soup, brown leather boots, and knitting, oh lots of knitting!

I started a Brandywine shawl right before our trip to Crater Lake. My plan was to knit in the car on the way down, but I got distracted by all of the pretty scenery. I can’t read a pattern and also look out the window to save my life. I forget where I am on the pattern in about .05 seconds, causing some cursing.

I can’t watch any kind of television while I knit, either. I usually opt for playing some kind of soothing music, but nothing that I could sing along with, or trying to remember the words would be another distraction! Bach has been my main go-to, and it’s pretty funny to see what it does to the little dog who usually wants to play-play-play.

Then the only distraction I have is his ridiculously cute face. I usually end up putting down my needles just so I can go kiss him right between his eyes. And if you’ll excuse me, I need to go do just that.


  • Elsa

    Hi Amy, Well, I’ve been making peach crisp…summer fruit, but a fall activity. A good combination, don’t you think? Fall is in the air here (at 9200 feet).
    I wanted to write and tell you how excited I was to get my package yesterday! So many goodies. I can see that those vintage buttons will be so cute on the Violet blouse! I do have a question about using the pattern, though. The instuctions say to trace the pattern onto the fabric with marking pen, pencil or chalk. How do you do that, Amy? I looked on their website but didn’t find much help there.
    Anyway, thanks so much for the treats! I’m still stash-busting away. Elsa

    • Hi Elsa! Mmm- peach crisp sounds delightful! I know I’ll be making an apple pie sometime tomorrow, in hopes I get cooler weather to stay here.

      I’m so glad you got the package! It was quite hard to part with those buttons. 😉

      For the pattern, you don’t have to trace it onto the fabric. You can cut out the pieces for the size you need. However, if you cut it out, then you won’t have the other sizes, should you want them. I would suggest that you trace out the size of the pattern you need, so that you don’t cut your pattern paper. Would you like me to post a tutorial on that for you?

  • Elsa

    yes, please, if you have one that would be great. I have always just cut them out, but I would like to have the other sizes. (It’s 62 in here this morning, but soon the sun will hit and warm us up…hate to turn on the heat already.)

    • Okay then! I will add it to my “list of blog posts to write”, which is getting pretty long!

      I hope it warmed up for you. Although, I’m always immensely happy when it’s 62 degrees. 😉

  • allisajacobs

    Oh goodness, fall in Oregon is amazing isn’t it?! I love those crisp sunny days when you can pull on a sweater and enjoy a hot cup of coffee/hot chocolate/cider… Thank you so much for sharing your blog with me, adore it!

    • Thanks for coming by, Allisa! Yes, I do adore sweaters and a hot cup coffee. I love being cold in the mornings and wrapping up with a quilt, some knitting, and reading blogs- like yours! Thanks again for coming by. 🙂

  • Iryna Boehland

    Hi Amy! Just signed for your class on Craftsy.
    I also live in OR and know that knitting in a car doesn’t really work as well as I wish. Anyway, I take it with me all the time. And…can make a few rows. What is working though – my camera! LOL

    • Hi Iryna! Where in OR do you live? Yes, knitting in the car is a bit frustrating. I want to work on something to pass the time, but I also get so lost so quickly! Maybe it just takes practice.

      Thanks for signing up for my Craftsy class! 🙂 I’m sure I’ll see you over there!