Gingham Western shirt

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I promise the pattern actually lines up down the center front!

While I was sewing up Rob’s birthday shirt, I had several moments of panic. When the mailman would drop something thru our mail slot, I was sure it was Rob that the dog was barking at, coming home to see what I was doing (not rational, I know). I would start freaking out and try to quietly stuff sleeves and fabric into drawers, in case he came upstairs to say hello. Of course it was never him, and after holding my breath for 3 minutes I would stop being crazy and realize I had crumpled his birthday shirt into a drawer of serger thread for nothing.

I used my Bernina’s decorative stitches at the top of the shirt sleeve split to reinforce the seam.

I’ve sewn this pattern for Rob before, and it will likely continue to be a favorite around here; it’s McCall’s M6044. I’ve made him 3 of these shirts now, and the only pattern alteration I had to do was to lengthen the sleeves by FOUR INCHES.Β That’s what you get when you marry someone who’s really tall and thin.

I always like the way this pattern looks on him. It’s close cut, easy to make and who doesn’t love it when someone appreciates their handiwork?

Gosh he’s cute.

  • Three shirts — that’s true love!

    • I agree! πŸ˜‰ At least I didn’t have to make all three at once, because boy- these are time consuming!

  • Amy – you really outdid yourself – the shirt looks amazing! The patience/time/fiddlyness of a menswear pattern must mean true love for that adorable man of yours πŸ™‚

    • Thanks, Rebecca! Geez- make a girl blush! πŸ˜‰ I am quite fond of him, so the shirts are really a labor of love.

  • Rob

    You’re the best. And you make the best shirts EVAR. I’m so lucky. And hey, look at that… it looks like I have decent posture on that last picture! #yeahright ;o)

  • Ahhh I want to make one for my guy! That blue gingham is beautiful! Dennis doesn’t wear plaid or gingham, so where could you find quality shirting fabric? I guess Fabric Depot has plenty?

    • Fabric Depot has some shirt fabric, and Mill End has a bit more. I actually found this fabric at Joann’s, in the clearance section! It’s a pretty nice weave with a nice hand and a bit of stretch. I hope it continues to wear well!

  • Oooh, seeing this shirt makes me wish I had crafty skills so I could make them for Jonathan! He loves button-ups that are tailored and fit well, but shirts like these are usually so loose and billowy, so the only ones he finds that fit him are really expensive. :oP

    • You could totally make one for your feral boyfriend, Brittany! With all of the crazy jobs you’ve done, I’m surprised you’re saying you don’t have crafty skills. I can help you hone them for some clothes sewing! πŸ˜‰

  • By the way this shirt can be made more simple just by following the instructions without flat felting the seams. When I first started making these shirts I did not flat felt the seams. I did not have much experience sewing garments either. So shirts really are not all the difficult to sew.

    • I actually have many many years of experience sewing garments, and I don’t find shirts difficult to sew. The only issue is that it’s time-consuming to make a button-up shirt and match the plaids. Like you, I don’t worry flat felled seams, because I’d rather just serge the seam allowances together so they can be easily altered.

  • Vicki K

    Perhaps you have already discussed the following, but I just found your blog… Would Rob really notice or pay attention to what you were sewing? I have sewed many projects right under my husband’s nose and he is totally surprised as though he never dreamed I might sew for him!

    The shirt is really great – I can see that it is beautifully sewn and fits him so nicely. That he appreciates your handiwork is frosting on the cake!!

    • Ha- I think you’re right, Vicki- he probably wouldn’t! I was so concerned he’d figure out what I was doing that I wouldn’t even throw my scrap fabric in the trash, for fear he’d see it and know what I was making. How dumb of me! πŸ™‚ Thank you for the compliment on his shirt. Even though they take some time to make, you’re right- the best part is that he loves that I made it for him!