Greens of Every Hue

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We were in Florida for part of last week, and when we came back, everything seemed especially lush. Our garden had grown an incredible amount, and we’re already having a hard time keeping up with eating the lettuce! Something about our spinach (not pictured) doesn’t look quite right, but I’m still a bit too lazy at this point to look up whatever it is that it needs.

I’ve never grown any kind of bean or pea, or had success with any kind of vining vegetable. Last year I grew the two tiniest, puniest butternut squash, and my cucumbers failed to be anything but spiky failures. So these snap peas? I’m in love! I had no idea they’d be covered with delicate purple and midnight blue blooms! The blooms you see below have all turned into yellow pea-pods, overnight!

Our lone strawberry plant is a transplant from the front yard. It used to be planted next to the front porch steps, where it grew happily and was mostly undisturbed until I redid the front flower beds. It does seem to be doing well out in the raised beds, but some stupid animal/slug keeps eating all of the little green berries, and/or knocking them off the plant! I need to build it a protective cage of some sort, but I want to make sure that bees can still get it to. I’m not quite sure what to do with it at this point, besides not bother because ONE dumb strawberry plant won’t exactly give me a batch of jam, you know?

Yes, I am the laziest gardener ever.

But something I love to take care of? The roses and other flowers that are blooming. Our neighbor was gracious enough to give me a giant bag of her bunny’s poo, and the flowers love┬áit! Plants that didn’t even show a single sign of blooming last year are bursting with scarlett, raspberry and hot pink hues.

The parts of the yard I am refusing to show you? The other 99%? Let’s say that Rob started tearing into the mess that hasn’t been touched in at least 20 years over Memorial Day, and now there’s a pile of ivy 2x taller than Dax in the middle of yard. I’ll get to that later!