Happy Anniversary, Portland! – Part 1

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On March 1st, Rob and I celebrated making it thru our first year in Portland. I had a lot of feelings this past Tuesday, thinking about the very, very long drive out here from Indiana, and everything that we gave up to be here in a place that we love so very much.

Let me start out by saying that when we moved here, I had never been to Portland, or anywhere near here in my entire life. But I knew from all of the incredible blogs I read of the amazing people that lived here, that this is where I wanted to be. It had been a dream of mine since early in college, but whenever I mentioned it to my family or friends, I just kind of joked about it. Like I never really expected it to happen, but wouldn’t that be fun? A¬†community that appreciated handmade things, the fact that you didn’t melt in the summer, or that you could go to a freaking mountain whenever you wanted to?! I was sold, and so was Rob.

Rewind to the day I (in a half-joking way) told Rob to go find a job in Portland, and BOOM. IT HAPPENED. Neither one of us could believe it, and we didn’t really tell anyone until we were sure it was set in stone, about a week before Christmas. Ask me sometime about how we told my family we were leaving, and I’ll tell you specifically how NOT to tell your MOTHER that you are going to live in OREGON and leave her in INDIANA on CHRISTMAS. I think I scarred her for life, and she’s probably tearing up as she reads this (I do love you, but I know you too well, Mom).

At the end of February last year, we were packing our entire lives into a box. One single box, measuring¬†6’3″D x 7’W x 8’4″H. Anything that couldn’t fit, couldn’t go, and oh, I cried (that’s an understatement). I had quite a few melt-downs, sobbing that it just wasn’t worth it! Why were we leaving?!

I don’t think I’ll be able to forget the feeling I had when we were getting ready to actually leave our sweet little house on Norwaldo Avenue. I cried fat heavy tears, and I couldn’t picture how any place that didn’t have our tiny bungalow, our amazing neighbors, and our absolutely incredible and supportive friends could feel like home. I sat on the floor of the dining room of our empty and hollow house with Rob until he basically had to force me into the car. What the hell were we thinking? It was just too hard. For something that I had been so excited about, the stress of selling our house and leaving everyone in fits of tears was making me wonder if we were doing the right thing.

Part 2 coming soon…