Hex Blocks

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There’s been a lot of nervous energy here as I’ve been waiting for my Craftsy class to launch. It’s going up this week, and EEEK! I’m excited/nervous/excited/nervous/excited every 5 minutes. A few preview videos have already been loaded to YouTube and Craftsy’s blog, so if you want watch me 10x over (like I’m sure my Mom has already done), go for it!

I’ve been trying to stay off the computer (which isn’t working very well) and be patient. Cutting out the 1,500 + pieces for my quilt is just the project I needed to keep me busy! I’m nowhere near being done cutting, but I did make my first block. Before I sewed it up though, I took a little poll on Instagram to see which layout everyone liked better.

Yes, these are the exact same block and layout! Isn’t it interesting how color placement can make such a huge difference in the way a block looks? In the end, the winner was the “star” look.

The blocks do pose a bit of a challenge when it comes to lining up each point. With the pieces being cut on the bias and the importance of stopping and backstitching at a perfect 1/4″ from the piece point, they really want to stretch as you sew them. Thru a few tricks and by using pins though, I’m still able to keep a good speed up on each block, even though you can’t chain stitch these. Not every point is perfect, but since this quilt will be for my own enjoyment, I don’t mind. At least, I don’t mind enough to rip it out!

I’ll be back with more news on my class (EEEEkk again!) and a few more blocks!

  • Elsa

    Hi Amy, I love how your blocks are turning out. It’s a beautiful pattern and I’ll be looking forward to seeing your progress. I’m going to a quilt show in Creed, CO with a friend tomorrow. It should be a good show and a beautiful drive. Fall is definately here.
    I’m going to be signing up for your craftsy class. It’s just the class I need. My serger is about 15 years old, it’s great, but I know there’s so much more I could be doing with it. I have books, but having someone demonstrate will be so helpful.

    • I haven’t been to a quilt show in AGES. I really do need to go to one to get some good inspiration. See- if you had a blog you could post photos from it, Elsa. 😉

      I’m so excited you’ll be taking my class! That’s really wonderful. I’m a very visual person too, and I usually have to see someone “do” whatever it is before my brain can understand it. Yay! 🙂

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