How to Sew Easy Baby Bibs

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How To Sew Easy Baby Bibs on

Want to make the easiest baby gift ever? Forget rushing and staying up late the night before a baby shower to make a quick quilt. Don’t grab a random ball of yarn and attempt to be the world’s fastest knitter of the world’s tiniest hat. Grab some fabric and few snaps, and with a simple straight stitch you can have a lovely box full of adorable baby bibs ready in no time!

Emmerich is a drooler. Always has been, and goodness, I hope he’ll be growing out of this soon. But even if your friend or loved one’s baby (or your own baby), isn’t a drooler now, they will be at some point! In which case you’ll need a bib, and who wants a baby to have to wear a giant square of ugly waterproof fabric for 12 hours a day? Not me! Instead, make these super easy and really cute baby bibs!

I’ve been sitting on this tutorial for…oh…EIGHT MONTHS? Ha! I’ve had the photos edited and everything, but haven’t quite gotten around to sharing it until just now. Considering we use these every day, I thought I should finally share how I made them.

How to Sew Easy Baby Bibs on

Start with a square of fabric that measures 18″ x 18″, and a set of snaps. I recommend using a double gauze or flannel, as these are soft but super absorbent. A quilting cotton won’t do as nice of a job of absorbing every little droplet that runs down a baby’s chin. I like using my SnapSetter tool and pronged snaps, but use whatever you have on hand. A snap is nice instead of Velcro because a baby can’t pull the bib off, and also you don’t have to worry about Velcro tearing up other clothes in the washer.

How to Sew Easy Baby Bibs on

Next, finish your fabric edges. I start by turning all of my edges in at 1/4″, and giving them a good press. Then, turn in each corner by 1/2″, and give your sides another turn in by 1/4″. This will enclose all raw edges and give you a lovely mitered corner. You can then sew all around your square, pivoting at each corner, and have a very professional finish.

How to Sew Easy Baby Bibs on

Once it’s sewn, fold the square in half, making a large triangle.

How to Sew Easy Baby Bibs on

Add a snap to either end of the triangle, paying attention to the sides of the bib so it will close correctly. Be sure you are inserting the snap in such a way that the bib will overlap, and not have the same side of the bib snapping to itself.

How to Sew Easy Baby Bibs on

And ta-dah! Super easy, super simple baby bibs!


If you want to make these for an older baby, consider making your squares at least 1″ bigger all around. The closer your snaps are to the ends of the bib, the bigger it will be. If you wanted to make the bibs larger, but add a second set of snaps for sizing options, that would be a great idea. These have fit Em since he was wearing 6 month size clothes, and he’s only now starting to need larger ones (he’s currently wearing 2T month outfits).

What other kinds of sewn items do you like to make for little ones as quick gifts?

  • Jess

    I’ve always wanted to make bibs for baby gifts but “afraid” of setting the snaps in, is it difficult?
    Btw, thanks for the tutorial for the baby bibs …

    • You’re welcome! It is really easy to put in the snaps. The snap setter comes with instructions, so as long as you carefully check your snap pieces to make sure they are all facing the right direction, it’s easy with a few quick hits of a hammer. You can always experiment on some scrap cloth if you are nervous!

  • Cute & super simple, this would be a great gift 🙂
    Hope you all are well ❤

    • Thanks, dear! Yes, we are doing well, but getting awfully worn out by this high-energy toddler over here! How are things over your way?

      • Haha, yeah I know that feeling 🙂 We’re good, a bit stressed out trying to find a balance between working fulltime (while still studying for work), family life & trying to find time to sew. Currently the sewing never happens & I’m trying to decide what to do about my small business, I don’t really have the energy for it & the income I get from it is tiny :

        • It’s so hard to find time for everything! Sewing my own projects has definitely gotten pushed to the side for some other work, and it’s really hard to feel like sewing anything, even when I have the time in the evenings. I want to relax and have no energy left! I don’t know how people with multiple kids and full time jobs ever make ANYTHING.

    • Grace

      Hi Jennie – I’m really sorry if this is a bad way to try and contact you! I would love to purchase your baby nest pattern if it’s available at all? I see your Etsy is down so I understand if you’re too busy. Thanks so much.
      Grace x

      • Hi Grace, email me at jennie(at)jaggedrose(dot)se and I’ll get back to you as soon as I can 🙂

  • My daughter liked the beads from polymer clay that makes her dad 🙂

    Since she was only two years I have done for her clip on earrings. She loved it!

    On photo are materials from which they are made and the final result 🙂

  • Jan Sundquist

    Just found this, going to try to make this with double gauze for my granddaughter. Looks like a winner. Thank you!

  • Cheryl Woshnak Koehl

    This is a great idea, easy to follow. Thanks!