Hunker Down

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After spending my morning and afternoon out in the Portland pouring rain, all I wanted to do was come home and knit. It’s odd, the way knitting works it’s way into your schedule on cold and gloomy days.

Clicking needles together has become cathartic, relaxing, a way to zone out. I think a certain little dog enjoys it when I pick up that knitting basket, because he knows I’ll toss a quilt on the couch for him to cuddle into with me.

I have a few projects  in mind, but at the recommendation of a very wise friend (who more than knows what she’s talking about when it comes to knitting), I decided that her suggestion of a sampler scarf was what I needed to make next. You’ve seen this orange yarn here before, but it wasn’t serving any kind of purpose then. Now it will have life as a possibly very ugly scarf.

I hope it’s wobbly stitches are cured after it’s blocked, but until then I’ll be here, click, click, clicking until it’s done.

  • I think the scarf is looking great! Love the color, just perfect for January knitting!

    • Thank you, Rose! I do love the color. I don’t what it is about warm oranges, but they always pull me in.

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