It’s Almost Ready

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Figuring out a way to explain patternmaking without actual showing someone how to do it in person is HARD. I messed around with several different ways to explain this, and most of that intense writing time was spent playing with the dog and watching Mad Men. What? I have a weakness for puppies and 60’s dresses. Which is totally different than puppies IN 60’s dresses. That shit’s just weird.

The instructions for the cute summer tank and pattern that I’ve been wanting to share will be ready this weekend. I call it the Blueberry Summer Top. The name came about because it matches what Rob and I spent a morning picking over at Kruger farms.

Which lead to some messy but extremely yummy baking…

If you eat too much of this stuff, then you might have to call yours a Blueberry Muffin Top. But let’s hope it doesn’t go there, for the sake of the children.

Remember how I wanted to make a top out of that navy knit skirt?  Well, it turns out that after I finally decided on my pattern, I didn’t have enough fabric. So, the skirt is still being cut up to make the bodice, but the rest of the top will have to wait until I can get to Fabric Depot.

But I hope you’ve been eyeing some knits, because you’re going to need about 2 yards of it, elastic thread and some trim once you see how E-A-S-Y this is going to be!