My Minoru Jacket

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Back in November, my friend Jessica and I decided we would make Minoru jackets together. I finished mine a little bit before Christmas (yes, it takes me that long to take photos of projects), and I’ve worn it every. single. day. since then.

minoru1The only downside to this jacket is my zipper. It’s a two-way zipper, which is great because then the coat doesn’t become a giant lump when you sit down. However, I’m not always good about unzipping the bottom of the zipper when I do something like get in the car to drive, so it has quite a bend in it right over my middle. My fabric also isn’t a big help with this, since it’s slightly stiff, but I don’t care. I love it anyway. This jacket has easily become my most-worn item of clothing I’ve ever made.

The collar on it is pretty fun. It’s fairly tall, and I debated shortening it when I looked at the pattern. I’m glad I didn’t though, because it’s sure nice to have something to bury your face in when a cold wind whips by!


The hood is quite a bit deeper than I need it to be, so the next jacket I make I’ll shorten it. My fabric doesn’t let me roll up the hood that easily into the back zipper to hide it (it makes the collar really bulky), but it doesn’t bother me to keep it hanging in back.


minoruhoodI did add pockets to the front of this pattern. Erica, over at Modern Domestic, had added them to front of hers, and I just can’t have a jacket without front pockets! I used a decorative triangle stitch on my Bernina to make a tack on the pocket where it would have a lot of stress put on it.

minorupocketThe fabric that I used for this jacket is a waterproof fleece-lined coating from Rose City Textiles. Not a drop of water has gotten through it, so when I take the dog for a walk in the rain, we both just shake off on the front porch! The fabric has a bit of a thickness to it, and kind of feels like a very, very light bra foam. It made the hem of the coat a bit of a pain to sew, since there were a lot of layers to work with thanks to my pocket addition. It flips out a bit on the front now, but I’m doing my best to ignore that. It’s lined with a medium weight black polyester lining, also from RCT.

Overall, it’s a really great pattern! Tasia did a great job, and I’ve since made something else from one of her patterns that I adore!

  • Ledys Chemin

    Hi, Amy! I am one of your students at Craftsy, and of course I had to follow your blog 🙂 your Minoru looks amazing! I love your fabric choice. This is a fun pattern, definitely my most ambitious project to date (but i worked on it during the sewalong and it made it a lot less daunting):

  • New Ribena

    Great jacket and I love the pockets.

    • Thanks, dear! The pockets are most definitely my favorite part. They’re so nice and deep!

  • These photos are fantastic! You look too cute. Thanks for being my inspiration.

    • Aww… thanks! I should have gotten more of the true Cathedral Park vibe in there though, aka included the guy about 10 feet behind me feeding a flock of seagulls an entire loaf of bread. Now, let’s finish your Minoru!

  • Houseofpinheiro

    Beautiful jacket x

  • Cute jacket! 🙂

    • Thanks, Jennie! This pattern would be a great choice for a new mom, if you gave it deep pockets. There’s room enough in the front for a snuggly baby carrier!

      • Oh thanks for the tip 🙂 I’m wishing for spring to kick in so I can wear my fave leather jacket again 😀

  • foursquarewalls

    I love this pattern! I lost my Minoru, so I’m planning to make another. Yours looks great. Gotta love a cute and flattering raincoat!

    • Thanks, Andrea! I read that you lost your Minoru- that’s so sad! I would probably be a mess if I lost mine! What would you do if you saw someone in town wearing it around?

  • Thanks! I love the fabric too- it was a perfect buy. I’ll head over and have at look at yours too. I always like seeing everyone’s versions of the same patterns. Thanks for coming by! 🙂

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  • Love your jacket! I made one too and absolutely adore it.

    • Thank you! I love it too, and I’m so glad I added the pockets. I wear it constantly during our rainy season. I think I’ll make a second one, only this time I want to decrease the height of the hood and add a way to cinch it down, so it doesn’t blow off of my head when it’s rainy and windy!

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