Naps: They’re for Winners!

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We’ve all been pretty sleepy here. I think it’s just getting used the rain. I try to convince myself that I don’t want to take naps, but watching these fuzz butts snooze all day doesn’t help.

I went to the shop to work on class samples the other night, and came home to a spectacular sky. It looked like it had to have been painted, with the dark clouds rolling in toward the sun. Now I feel cheesy, but I’m all out of smart ass poems. I think I used up the last of my creative juices when I told Rob that if he saw Steve Jobs walking down the street, I was sure he would “dry hump him up against a building while tweeting about it”. I’m sorry for that visual. Try to forget about it as you look at the pretty picture:

Speaking of sewing, I’m working on a post about the tools I use.

I’m sure it’s going to be so thrilling that you won’t even be able to sleep afterwards, and you’ll probably tattoo “Gingher: It’s Like Butter” somewhere on yourself.

  • Maggie

    Hey Amy ! I love your website. It’s good to see it finally up and running. I’m looking forward to “stalking” you on a regular basis now. Back here in Indy it’s been rainy as well, and the grass needs frequent mowing to keep it under control (Lucky for me the landlord does it).
    See Ya ’round Kid.