OMG Friends!

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Here in Portland, there’s a super funny guy named Ryan, who is more casually known as Snufflemuffin. He loves all things cute, and quite a few months ago he started designing little stuffed animals. I was happy to oblige when he asked me to test out his OMG Bunneh pattern, because it was just so CUUUTTTEE! I’m not usually a stuffed-animal girl, but having this sweet little bunny on my windowsill makes me happy. It also makes someone else very happy to knock him onto the floor and attack him on a daily basis.

That someone is Duncan. I tried to take a few pictures of my OMG Bunneh for Ryan a little while ago, but my “assistant” Duncan kept doing what he does best. Pouncing, biting, and kicking said poor little bunny. So, instead of kicking him out of the room, I decided to let Duncan profess his love in the way only he could.

I see she picked you up off the floor at my bidding. I also notice  your little bunny ears haven’t been munched on today.

Maybe I should… I don’t know… bite them?


Wait… whaaaatt? You have a little fuzzy tail?!

Can. Not. RESIST!

Now really. Being a bit dramatic, aren’t you? Get back up or this isn’t any fun.

Okay, now this has gotten ridiculous.

I love you, bunny, but now she officially looks like a crazy cat lady, and I can’t have anything to do with this.

*Ahem* Yes, I look insane. But at least I don’t dress up my cat. Yet. Oh the day I make him a bowtie will be fabulous….

Hundreds of cat pictures aside, Ryan has a fantastic Kickstarter campaign that needs your help! He is out to dominate the world with these cute little OMG Friends, and you can be a part of this! Click on the video below to hear more about the project from Snufflemuffin himself, and check out to see the adventures of OMG Bunneh, Owl, and Piggeh.

  • Ok, these pictures made me laugh so much. Your cat is adorable, you are hilarious, and that bunny is really cute.

    • Oh good! I kind of thought I might look super-crazy…. but then again I don’t care. I love Duncan Nonuts and nothing can stop me from squishing his furry little face against mine! 🙂

  • O.M.G. I LOVE IT! Yes, Bunneh is adorable, but your commentary by your cat was fantastic. I can’t comment on your sanity though, because I also narrate my cat. 🙂

    • Ha! Thanks, Violet! What is it about cat narration that’s irresistible? It certainly happens just about every day here.

  • ok, you made my day. and when you make your furr a bow tie.. i’m making mine out in a sailor suit with short pantz.

    : )

    • Haha- good! Who could resist a kitty in a sweet bow tie? I’m sure Synnie will look smashing in his sailor suit!