Prepping for Samples

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I like making class samples for Modern Domestic. I think it’s that I have to set aside time to make them, and for some reason I never tell myself that I have to finish (heck, even start) my projects for myself. I should probably start doing that. I ran around to a few different fabric stores today and picked up supplies that I needed, so not all of these fabrics are going to be used for the same project!

I do have a hard time picking out fabrics and notions to use though. I want something that goes well with the colors in the shop, but also something that I’ll like when it’s no longer a sample piece! Even though I end up spending way too much time debating on which fabrics to choose, I almost always go back to the very first thing that catches my eye. Oh if only I could learn…

I did  get to pick up a new toy though! I love sewing gadgets as much as Dax loves Cheerios (which is a lot). Mmm… I can’t wait to test it out- it’s a pair of pliers that will punch eyelets and snaps. I’ve picked these up and looked at them before, but I never had an excuse or need for them. I’ll let you know if they’re actually any good (compared to the industrial ones I’m used to), or just a hunk o’ junk.

And since I now have eyelets, I needed to store them with the rest of their snap, hook, and eye friends.

So… I sometimes make-out with a label maker. Have I not explained to you how up and CRAZY it gets around here on a Tuesday night?!