Sewing Room Update

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That polka dotted print from my last post has been mocking me from a corner as I’ve been furiously sewing hems, dresses, and other client pieces. I had some secret sewing to do that cut into my shirt making time, since it was Rob’s 30th birthday on Monday. I’ll share more on what I did for him in another post, but first I want to let you in on my new sewing room set-up. It’s what allows me to sew for hours and not feel like I’ve been hit by a bus.

I have terrible hips. My bones are slightly deformed and sitting or standing for long periods of time used to be impossible. I would turn down concert tickets because I knew I couldn’t stand for 4 hours, and sewing late into the night would leave my back in spasms.

Rob helped me to admit that my old sewing set-up wasn’t helping anything. I sat in a steel-cased chair which required that I constantly have my right leg extended and my body weight resting on my right side while sewing. My tables for sewing and cutting weren’t at a good height either, and cutting out whole dresses on a little IKEA table was pain in the ass.

Rob works at a standing desk, but likes having the option to sit too. He bought a fantastic chair from ErgoDepot here in Portland, and encouraged me to go check out what they had as well. They were extremely kind and let me bring home a chair to test out for week. It was love at first butt cheek rub.

I ended up getting a Baumbach Saddle Seat, and it has been a life saver. I can adjust it to rock my hips forward or backward, and it makes me sit up straighter than I ever have. My tables have be lifted up higher so my hips are in a better position, and I can still use my knee lift.

In place of my old IKEA desk, I found a drafting table on Craigslist. I love the drafting tables at Modern Domestic, but I couldn’t quite fit ones that large up here. This one is the perfect size, and has two drawers to fit extra mats and slopers in. I plan on painting the base a mint green color this summer.

Having the option to work while standing is great, even if I do roll my saddle seat up to my cutting table a little more than I should!

Now to find someone to take that IKEA desk and chair out of my basement!

  • I am seventy years old and work on the computer some days for long hours. My workspace could certainly be improved for efficiency and comfort. Your blog has inspired me to assess my situation and take action. Thank you!!

    • I’m so glad to hear it, Harriet! Your back and rear end will thank you!

  • Jim

    I was just thinking about how bad of a desk builder/finder I was. 🙁 Lo siento, amiga. Glad you found the drafting desk. I miss mine. Has a lot of real estate so you can make me a shirt like Rob’s. 🙂 Also, glad you captured my super manliness in that tulip field shot.

    • Oh it’s no worry, Jimmy! I wasn’t being very good at telling you what I wanted. 😉 I maaay make you shirt like Rob’s someday…. with tulips embroidered all over it.

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