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Sharing my drawings or sketches has always been a bit hard for me. I’m far too much of a perfectionist to let anyone see in my messiest of sketchbooks. I think I’d die even if Rob cracked them open. Sometimes they read like weird journals, random and abstract. Other days I take my time and concentrate on the details of each little drawing.

Growing up, my brother Jacob was always sketching on any piece of paper laying around the house. He’s an incredible artist, and I always liked finding random doodles he’d make up while he was on the phone or simply bored. They were usually really funny little characters, my favorite being drawings of the “Easter Monkey” (he lied to our little brother that it was really a monkey in a bunny suit), who replaced your Easter candy with bananas. Yes, he went thru with the prank, much to the dismay and tears of Joel. I still have some of these drawings tucked away, and they make me smile when I find them.

My own drawings though? Yeah, I don’t really leave those laying around. I’m not very big on sharing my creative process with other people, because my brain tells me “oh, wait… that still needs to be tweaked. You’d better make sure it’s perfect, because you know someone’s out there judging every little thing you put forward into to world.” Give me a break, brain!

This morning, I decided, insecurities be damned. I want to, or rather need to, be better about sharing my ideas. If someone tells me it’s a stupid idea, then I can guarantee the Easter Monkey will come at them with a vengeance.

I drew these sketches up last night in my Fashionary sketchbook, because I can’t stop thinking about these two fabrics in my stash. I get to have some sewing time for myself tonight, and I have to catch up with Jennie! She’s been busting out REALLY cute stuff, and it’s making me crazy that I haven’t been able to make more.

Both of these fabrics are a rayon blend, and I think I’ll start with the navy fabric tonight. I have a dress planned that has shaping with box pleats at the waist, and I might give it short, full kimono sleeves. We’ll see.

So what about you? Do you share much of your creative process, or do you usually hide it away, like me? I’d love to see inside any sketchbooks you might have!

  • Can’t wait to see the dress! Love the middle sketch, something with the design/hair makes me think of Audrey Hepburn 🙂
    Been home sick today, killer headache 🙁 but have sorted through many old patterns & had a purge, so I atleast feel good about that.

    • Thanks, Jennie! Sorry you’re feeling poorly. I need to do a pattern purge too. I have some pretty ugly ones!

  • Zara

    Oh. My. GOD!

    Those are you imperfect sketches?? I would die a happy lady if I could draw with half your talent! My drawing-depths go as far as a stick-horse. In fact, I can draw a stick-anything. In highschool we had to draw a battle scene in our history class – mine was “stick men” on “stick horses” yielding “stick swords”. It got laughed at and pinned to the board…

    So yeah. I don’t draw. But you? You have talent! Real talent! Dont let anyone tell you otherwise!

    • Oh dear, no, these are not my imperfect sketches! I took some time on these! The reason these look so nicely proportioned is because the Fashionary sketchbook has outlines of women’s figures. Otherwise they wouldn’t look this nice! I usually sketch mostly little technical illustrations (what you’d see on the back of a pattern envelope), and they aren’t that cute. I promise this is a “nice” drawing for me!

      And what’s wrong with stick horses!? That used to be my speciality as a kid! 😉

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