Still Life in the New Studio

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A baby mobile, cut out but not sewn…

MobilePiecesA 500-thread count sheet, soon to be turned into pillowcases…BlueSheetThe only finished project to happen in the last few weeks, knit from leftover yarn I used to making hats for her Dad and uncles…BabysFirstKnitHatA basted quilt, patiently waiting to be quilted and gifted…MachineStillLife

A copy of a beautiful new book that I have a project in and need to share with you…BealBookShelves that are finally full of sewing thread, fabric, buttons and patterns…StudioShelves

I tell you what. Moving and setting up a new working space, house and room for a baby when you’re 9 months pregnant is no easy task. Every day includes at least one nap (if not two, let’s be honest here), and I move at a snail’s pace. It’s getting there though. Up until about a week and half ago, this room was our bedroom while our upstairs floors were being refinished. Rob has worked so incredibly hard to put a fresh coat of paint on everything, clean, put in new outlets… his job list seems to never end. But I am so thankful that he is so handy and such a hard worker, especially at a time when I’m not much help and a lot needs to be done.

I hope to share some house and whole studio photos with you soon! I have one cabinet that needs to be put together for this new space, and then it will feel more complete. But done? What old house is everΒ done?

  • Shea

    Don’t fret, I’ve been in my house for 14 years and STILL haven’t finished hanging pictures! Thank you so much for the update. Best wishes for your imminent new arrival!

    • I think that it will likely take me years before I get to hanging pictures in this house! I have a clock up on the wall, and that’s it. Our pictures are all still wrapped up in boxes.

      Thank you! Yes, imminent arrival is right- haha! πŸ˜‰ I’m almost there!

  • AnnieM

    Amy this is such a special time and one that will remain in your memories forever. Enjoy the moving slow, because once baby comes things will be moving very very fast. Take care and thanks so much for sharing your happiness with all of us πŸ™‚

    • I am really enjoying moving slowly, at least to a point. I know all of the resting is good for me, but it’s hard when you’re a busybody! Thanks for the well-wishes, Annie. πŸ™‚

  • Ann

    Hi Amy!
    Is the book available yet?
    It doesn’t come up on Amazon.

  • Ellen

    It’s fall, not spring, but your “nesting” behaviour is perfect! You will have great memories to share of this time with baby down the road. It is your hard work that allows you to have so many projects on the go at this time. You continue to be inspirational, and “real”. Cant wait to see the uncompleted projects once the wee one arrives, bahahahahha. Life is great. Enjoy the next few weeks. Hope the delivery is easy on all of you.

    • Hahaha! I know you’re right about the “uncompleted projects”, but I’m doing my best to beat my short timeline! πŸ™‚ I keep telling her to “stay in there” because I’m not ready yet. I guess there will always be a big to-do list though, eh? Thanks for the kind thoughts and wishes, Ellen!

  • Tina

    Amy, I have just started reading your blog after doing a search on sewing with plaid fabrics. I am thankful for your great post on that subject. In your experience do you find one zipper insertion method more preferable over another when working with plaids? I will be using McCall’s 7014 which has a CB zipper. So happy for you & your soon to be baby girl’s arrival. Best wishes for a safe delivery.

    • You’re welcome! I’m glad my posts are coming in handy for you. Plaid is certainly a lot of work to sew with but it’s fun once you know how to set out your pattern pieces.

      My preference for inserting a zipper into plaid is a centered zipper. I would use the method where you baste the seam shut, and then topstitch the zipper in place from the right side of the fabric. This way you can really see and make sure the plaid lines are matching well.

      Thanks for the well-wishes! πŸ™‚

      • Tina

        Thanks Amy!

  • Liz F

    I think of you every time I turn on my serger(s). And send up a prayer for you all. I go back and review your course and sample book constantly. But I’m still glad I have two sergers sitting next to each other, one loaded with black and one with beige. So I can turn on and serge all my basic projects very quickly, without having to change any threads.

    You are blessed to have such a handy and willing hubby. Hopefully he will also change “those” diapers too. LOL

    • Aww! Thank you! I miss when I used to have two sergers. I did the same thing so I could save time and sew more quickly!

      And yes, I know I am VERY lucky that Rob is so handy. I try to remember to tell him very often how much I appreciated everything he does. This place would be a wreck without him. And no, he will not get out of “those” diapers! Haha! πŸ™‚

  • Hope you are having fun in your new studio, but don’t forget to rest & take care of yourself :-*

    • But that’s SO HARD when there’s so much organizing and re-folding of fabric to do! πŸ˜‰

      • I know, I don’t follow my own advice πŸ˜‰

        • No, you do not Miss Sick and Needs to Rest! πŸ˜‰

  • I’m so excited for you! But what a big task to move right now! Hope you’re settling in well!

    • Yeah, I don’t recommend babies and moving at the same time. But it’s getting there! At least in our new house, the babe will have an actual room. In our other place I would have had to have to either given up my sewing space, or put her in the dining room. I can tell you that she would have been sleeping next to a dining room table. Ha!

      • I don’t blame you! You need your sewing space!

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  • Julie

    In that picture above with your sewing machine and that acrylic, clear platform or extra arm, what is that extra platform called and where can I get one?

    • That’s called an extension table. I got mine from my local Bernina dealer, and you could too if you have a Bernina. If you have another brand of machine, find a dealership that sells your brand and they can hopefully order one to match up with your model of machine.