Sun and Sand

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My brother came to visit at the end of last week, so we ate as much great food, drank as much great beer and saw as many great spots as we could. Jake didn’t get to see the beach last time he visited us, so I made sure that was on the list, along with PokPok, of course. On his first full day here, we trekked up to Pittock Mansion.

We then zipped all around town, finding some fun weird places (Pecularium, anyone?), eating macaroons and shopping. The next day we woke up a drove out to the Tillamook air museum and then the coast, where the fog gave everything at Cape Meares an eerie glow.

By the time we got to Cannon Beach, the fog had lifted enough to show us a gorgeous sunset. We poked and prodded around the tide pools and watched as unsuspecting beach visitors found their shoes being lapped by the sneaky cold waves.

I’m fairly certain that photo needs an inspirational quote scrolling across the top, right?

It was a short visit, but a very nice break from work. Now I need to stop dreaming about buying a house on the beach and sew up my class samples!

  • Iryna Boehland

    Amy, love your pictures. They are… calm and quiet. Kind of like a period of transormation of Nature, from Summer to Winter.

    • Thank you very much, Iryna! I’m still learning a LOT about my camera and doing my best to capture what I see. I appreciate your encouragement very much!

  • cloudykate

    Amy, I suppose you can’t imagine how annoying it is to click through to your site and be told my browser is out of date. Dear God, how does that message fit into the genuine sharing of ideas and experiences that the internet makes possible?

    • Hi, Kate. I’m sorry you found the browser message to be annoying. It wasn’t meant to do that! You are still able to use my site, it’s just not as “pretty” as it would be if your browser was updated to the most current version. The posting has been revised to show what is hopefully a more positive message about using a current browser.